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Welcome to CribScore

CribScore transforms the rental experience for tenants and landlords. Tenants can rate apartments, giving crucial feedback for future renters, while landlords can register buildings and address issues. We foster transparency, accountability, and better living conditions in the rental market.

Empowering the Rental Market
With Innovative Solutions

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Why you should join CribScore


Empower your renting experience with a platform where tenants can rate and review their apartments.


Improve  your living standards by 

contributing to a community-driven effort to improve living standards in the rental market.


Proactive issue resolution with tool for effective communication between tenants and landlords.


Be one of the first to experience CribScore.


CribScore is a platform designed to empower tenants and landlords alike by providing a space for transparent reviews, proactive issue resolution, and community-driven improvements. Whether you're a tenant looking to make an informed rental decision or a landlord committed to maintaining high-quality properties, CribScore is here to help.

What Our Users Say

I've had a great experience using CribScore. It has allowed me to make informed decisions about my rental choices and provided valuable insights into the living conditions.

Arielle Mandelbaum, Tenant

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